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Gum Surgeries


What Do We Mean By Gum Surgeries ?

Gum Surgeries ( Periodontal Surgeries ) refer to all surgical procedures Related to Gum to remove disease and restore function and health of the gum around the teeth .


These include Deep Curettage , elimination of Pockets , BoneGrafts in defects around the teeth , Laser surgeries and soft tissue grafts to gain tissue heights after Gum Recession.

Gum Recessions Can now Be treated with Soft Tissue Grafts


What Are Pockets ?


Pockets are Spaces between the Bone and the Roots , usually caused by repeated and chronic Infections and Inflammation of the gums and tissues around the teeth .


Most Common Cause is Plaque Accumulation around the teeth , which should be removed every 6 Months .


If Pockets Persists , You may loose your teeth !


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You Can Watch Life Surgeries of Wisdom Teeth Removal


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