Consultant Oral Surgeon & Implantologist

Dr. Samer AL Mabrouk

Oral Surgeon & Implantologist

Academic Degrees and Qualifications


Dental Implant Fellowship of New York University ... USA


International Congress of Oral Implantologists Master Degree... USA


International Congress of Oral Implantologists Fellowship ... USA


Registered in the Jordanian Dental Association

as a Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology - Jordan


Oral Surgeon and Implantologist  

Alexandria University - Egypt ..  Score " Very Good "


Bachelor in General Dentistry and Oral Surgery

University of Jordan - Jordan  Score " Very Good "


Secondary School Certificate Amman - Jordan

with a score of 95.8% Type your paragraph here

Reviewing Dental Journals on Monthly bases to keep up to date with the latest in Implants Field.

Attending Every Possible Activity related to Oral Surgery and Implantology in Jordan and Abroad , including National and International Congresses and Conferences .

So far , I visited the following countries for Workshops and Hands on :

United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Lebanon.

Reading Articles on weekly bases to enrich my knowledge related to implant dentistry.

Visiting Germany on Yearly Bases to attend Advanced Courses in Implantology and Bone Augmentation.

Continuing Education


Placing Dental Implants.


So far i used the following systems: 

Noble, Biocare, ITI, Bicon, Friadent, 3i,Dentaurum, 

Biohorizon, Dio, Vitane, TRI, ImplantSwiss and Neobiotic ...

Nobile Biocare , Biohorizon's and Dentaurum are mostly used.

Ridge and socket Preservation using Bone Grafts and Membrane after Exractions.

Sinus Lifting using Peizosurgey and Bone Grafting ... Direct and Indirect Approaches, with and without immediate implant placement.

Autogenous Bone Block Grafts using Chin and Ramus Endogenous Grafts.

Ridge Splitting in the anterior and posterior areas using Piezosurgery

Periapical Microsurgery Using Microscope and MTA Retrograde placement in Anterior and Posterior cases. 

Wisdom Teeth Impactions  local and general anesthesia

Laser Dentistry, using Diode lazer in Gingival corrections for veneers and Zircon Prostheses.

Exposure of Impacted Canines using Diode Laser for Orthodontic purposes.

I owned my Second Dental Center in Amman since 2007 till now, 3 Clinic,

also practicing surgery and implantology.

In 2014 , Ibn Al Haitham Implantology Center was Established, concentrating on advanced Implant surgeries.

I am a Visiting Surgeon and Implantologist in more than 15 private center and clinic here in amman , doing all minor operations and implant work.

Speaker and Clinical Supervisor in Comperhensive Implant Courses supervised by the Jordanian Dental Association

I owned my First Dental Center in Ramallah - Palestine since 2000 till 2005, 3 clinics.

I was the oral surgeon doing minor operations and Placing Dental Implants

In 2006 I joined the Arab Dental Center in Amman , worked for 1 year as an Oral Surgeon and Implantologist. 


Apple Developer using Swift Language - still beginner.

Excellent Command of different creative softwares and

Director of Short Movies and trailers  - Expert.

Developing my own Website , Clinic Software , Facebook Formal Page and

My Mobile Application.

Excellent Command of After Effects.

Excellent Command of Windows PCs and all relevant topics in Work

Excel, Powerpoint, Chrome, movie editing, and Web Page Design. 

Excellent Command of Mac PCs and all related topics to 

iMac ,Macbook Pro , Ipad and related application.

Computer Skills​

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