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Consultant Oral Surgeon & Implantologist

Welcom to Our Clinic

Our Modern and Innovative 

Center provides The Ultimate Dental Treatments


Through our up-to-date Equipments and Technologies 

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The Dental Unit


German Machines ,


Most Reliable and heavy duty Units , still high tech and comfortable. 


It is   Sirona Intego


The Dental Unit


Again , Made in Germany ,


The Dac Professional B-Class Autoclave  has the most Advanced Technology in Sterilization of Dental Insturuments and Handpieces.


The Panoramic X-ra


Also Made in Germany


The Orthophos XG3 is the perfect imaging tool to take High Quiality digital Panoramic Views.


The Laser Unit


Quicklase Unit - Made in UK


The latest Diode Laser Unit ... Used for Implant and Gum Surgeries , with outstanding Results


The Piezosurgical Unit


NSK VarioSurg3 - Made in Japan


The Latest Piesosurgery Unit ... Used for Bone Cutting and Sinus Lifting . All Bone Surgery Are Done Using this Great Device


The X-Ray Sensor Unit


Dr Suni - Made in USA


One of the Best Dental Sensors that can be used in Digital Dentistry 


The Cad Cam Unit

Carestream CS 3600 Unit - Made in USA


The World Leader in Digital Scanning for Zircon and Veneerd Prosthesis


The Dental Loups

Orange Dental Company  - Made in Germany


Perfect Magnifications while doing the Treatments. It give Precision and Accuracy


The Mixing Machines

Hurrimix MAchine, By Zhermack - Made in Italy


The Most Powerful Automatic Mixing Machine for Alginate and Impression Material. Makeing Life easy and impressions smooth and highlyprecise.


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