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Dental Implants


Dental Implant is an artificial replacement for a tooth root, usually made from Titanium​.


Many types and shapes of dental implants are used in the dental field , the Screw Shape is being the most widely used.


One May Lose His or Her Teeth due to many reasons ... ​Trauma , Caries , Congenitally Missing or Iatrogenic Dentistry . The Result is the Same after loosing a tooth .... 

a Space .


In the Past , we used to cut down two adjacent teeth to place a Bridge ... Now , Dental Implants can do the Job.


After the Implant is integrated in bone ( Bonded to bone ) Which usually takes 3 Months , after that we can place our permanent Crown or Bridge 


A Dental Implant is Made of 3 Parts :


1- The Root (The Titanium Piece inserted in Bone).


2- The Abutment (The Connector between the Implant and the Crown).


3- The Crown (Made of Porcelain OR Zircon).


Different Implant Systems are Available Worldwide .

A System Refers to the Manufacturer of the Implant itself 

For example , in our Clinic we Use Two Implant Systems 

The Germany and the US Made  Systems 

Blue Sky & Zimmer


For Further Details concerning Dental Implants  ,

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You Want to Know How The Implants Are Inserted ? 


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You Can Watch Life Surgeries of Implants Placement 


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