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Wisdom Teeth


What Do We Mean By Wisdom Teeth ?

Wisdom Teeth are the Last Molars to Erupt in the Oral Cavity . IF they erupted well without Problems , they will function like the other molars without Problems.

That's to say , They act like other teeth , they can be restored by Fillings and even Crowns.

Unfortunately , these teeth become impacted and usually cause problems

Most Likey , they became impacted in Bone and soft tissues causing infections.


Should we Always remove the Wisdom Teeth ?

Yes and No 

Yes , They Should be removed whenever Impaction is noticed , and whenever infections and pain are the findings. ​​


No , No need to take them out if they erupted within the Arch without causing any troubles.


​How Can we Determine Wisdom Teeth Impactions ?


This is done by Regular Dental Panoramic X-ray

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