Wisdom Teeth are the last set of teeth to appear in the oral cavity. Usually between16-25 years old of age , they start to erupt .

Not all wisdom teeth should be removed , Only the ones cause infections, pain and swellings should be taken out.

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Wisdom Teeth

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Dental Implants

Gum Surgeries

Gum Surgeries cover all aspects of Gum Diseases , including inflammation , infection and recession.

Most Common Conditions are Gum Recession and root exposure of anterior and posterior teeth

Veneers & Zircon are the Most Beautiful Dental Prostheses that can be provided by a Dentist.

Both have Perfect Results in relation to shape and color , where the smile can be design before the treatment even starts.

Innovative technology , Dental Lasers are now used in our daily practice in our clinic  . 

Using the Diode Laser for soft tissue treatment, Dental Implants and Depigmentation Procedures is now widely used in our daily dental practice

A Dental Implant is a Titanium Piece specially designed to be placed surgically in the mandibular or maxillary bone to provide support for future prostheses ( Crown or Bridge ).

Many types and shapes of dental implants are used in the dental field , the Screw Shape is being the most widely used.

Bone Grafts are Synthetic or Natural Processed Materials Used to Compensate for the Missing Bone in the Jaws .

The Purpose of All Bone Grafts Procedures is to Add More Thickness , width and length  to the Jaw bone for Future Implant Placement ... and it is not a Reconstructive surgery for Cosmetic Reasons

Laser Applications

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Bone Grafts