Direct Sinus Lifting

Were we add bone at the Upper right or Upper left sides of the Maxilla to Thicken the bone for future Implants 


Bone Grafts Include the Following

Indirect Sinus Lifting​

We add the bone Directly at time of Implant insertion Without The Need to Open the Sinus Directly 


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Bone Grafts 

Bone Grafts are Synthetic or Natural Processed Materials Used to Compensate for the Missing Bone in the Jaws .

The Purpose of All Bone Grafts Procedures is to Add More Thickness , width and length  to the Jaw bone for Future Implant Placement ... and It Is not a Reconstructive Surgery for Cosmetic Reasons

Ridge Splitting  ​

Used to Widen the Very thin Ridges for future Implants


Ridge Preservation

Where we add Bone at the Site of Extraction to Prevent the Bone Loss and to preserve the site for future implant ... duration of the surgery is about 30 minutes and we wait around 4 months till healing 


Bone Grafts

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Bone Blocks​

Used to Add more Bone Volume to Some Defected sites in the Jaws


You Can Watch Life Surgeries of Bone Grafts 

These Surgeries Are Done By Dr Samer Al Mabrouk 


    But Be Careful

The Following Videos Shows Blood and Wounds , if Your Are

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The most widely used , Made in Germany  , is used in our Clinic .